You only have a few days in a new city. You want to try the best vegan food. But out of hundreds of restaurants and thousands of reviews, you don’t know which ones you should go to.

I Travel For Vegan Food is the guide to enjoyable travel for vegan foodies

Being a vegan foodie myself, I understand that spark of joy of seeing and eating vegan comfort food. A good ol’ cheesy burger or a multi-layer vegan parfait. And this blog shows you those vegan food in cities around Asia.

This blog comes with the information you need to make travel planning easy. Types of food, menu, prices, direction to get there, and more. And lots of photos to show you the restaurants. Not just words.

More vegan city guides and other contents are added all the time. If you are interested on this foodie journey as well, click here to sign up and you will be the first to know if anything new happens!

And thanks for reading my vegan blog! I really appreciate it 🙂

I Travel For Vegan Food