Vegan Japan Travel

If you’ve done any research for traveling to Japan as a vegan, you probably have heard the ‘horror’ stories: Salad with bacon, chips with chicken powder or plain tofu with fish flakes on top.

But the fact is, many cities in Japan actually have great vegan options.

If you want to travel to Japan with ease, you will love all these vegan food guides. Click the city you plan to travel to:

Ingredients to look out for

There are some ingredients that are hidden and not easy to notice when you order. Even a simple miso soup is usually not vegan.

Some of the main hidden ingredients you will encounter are dashi (fish stock) and bonito. Many dishes use dashi including miso soup, noodles, and more.

Learning some basics on how to read the ingredients would be very helpful when traveling. And you may even be able to explore in shops to find some hidden vegan gems. I’ve written a free guide on how to read food labels in Japan here.

Where can I find vegan food in Japan?

Vegan in japanese is ビーガン or ヴィーガン.

It could be quite difficult to find vegan options in a meat-eating restaurant as many Japanese people still don’t have a clear understanding about veganism. Some of them may even think a little bit of chicken or fish flakes are fine.

All of the places I mentioned in the guides are well-researched and offer clearly-marked vegan options.

Macrobiotic (マクロビ or マクロビオティック) restaurants are a good choice as it’s mostly vegan by default and they usually have clearly marked vegan food. Do look out for fish or meat in some.