Vegan Food in Singapore Fortune Center

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Fortune Center in Singapore is a vegan friendly shopping center with many restaurants. It’s centrally located near Bencoolen and Bugis stations.

Some of the restaurants mark the vegan options clearly, while some don’t. However, in my experience, the restaurants I’ve visited all know which items are vegan and what’s not. If you are unsure, ask the staff about it or visit one of the other restaurants in the same shopping center.

Here are the vegan food you can find in Fortune Center:

1st Floor/Ground Floor


Vegan eel sushi

Vegan sushi and bento in Singapore? Yes please!

This vegetarian Japanese restaurant is a gem if you love Japanese food. The menu is extensive with many vegan options: Sushi, bento, ramen, katsu curry, etc. Vegan options are marked as ‘non-dairy’ and some dairy options can be made vegan. No eggs are used in the food.

The food is well made and delicious. My favorite being the grilled teriyaki chicken bento and eel unagi maki roll sushi (ask for vegan mayo on top). The bento is great for trying a bit of everything. Crispy chicken patty, fried dumplings, eggplant, salad, miso soup, rice and jelly. And the sushi features a realistic vegan eel and a delicious sweet teriyaki sauce.

Curry katsu cutlet rice
Great texture of grilled veg chicken

The modern Japanese decor and helpful staff are also a plus.

Overall quite impressed with the quality of the food in this restaurant. Although it is quite pricey, it’s worth it for the high quality food.

Ordering with an iPad

Tracy Juice Culture

Tracy Special Udon with thick mushroom soup

Also on the ground floor of Fortune center is this juice shop. It’s all vegan except honey in some drinks, for example the avocado smoothie. So check before you order.

I ordered a Tracy Special Udon and a passion fruit smoothie. The soup is hearty and filled with chunks of mushroom and some mock meat. The smoothie is good as well, but unfortunately it uses plastic cup and straw.

Tian Yuan Vegetarian

Tian Yuan Vegetarian is a popular and local style restaurant. It serves some Singaporean dishes like Thunder Tree rice and laksa. Simple decor and reasonable prices.

This Wednesday special black bean noodles is ok, but not my favorite.

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant

Gokul Vegetarian

2nd Floor

Hotcakes (Closed)

Vegan durian sponge layer cake

You can find cakes, cupcakes and other desserts in this place. The vegan options are marked on the sign. They also serve savory dishes, but you need to ask to see which options can be made vegan.

The durian cake I’ve had here is quite amazing. It’s made with soft sponge cake with durian flavored cream. The price is also very reasonable for the size.


Create Healthy Lifestyle

Pine Tree Cafe Vegetarian

Green Bliss Habitat

4th Floor

New Green Pasture Cafe

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