Vegan Food in Kaohsiung Night Markets

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As you may know from the Kaohsiung Vegan Guide, the vegan food you can find in this city is pretty amazing.

In this post, I’ll show you what vegan food you can find in 3 night markets in Kaohsiung, so you can try out the cheap, local and delicious cuisine.

Zhongxiao/Jhongsiao Night Market 忠孝夜市

Address of Jhongsiao Night Market

Jhongsiao night market is located near the center of Kaohsiung city. It’s easy to reach by metro. About a 15 minutes walk from either Central Park Station or Sanduo Shopping District Station.

Like many night markets in Taiwan, the shops and stalls are located on the sides of a road, and they only open at night time. This Jhongsiao market is not very big; only about a few block’s length. I love this market because of its local vibes with cheap delicious vegan food.

There are a few vegetarian shops in this night market. I especially love this 聖林素食館 (address) for their delicious food and cheap price. Most of the food is vegan. And you can stuff your face with all the tasty local cuisine without breaking the bank. Read more about this restaurant in this guide.

Other veg shops include this 忠孝素食 (address) which is very close to the restaurant mentioned above. Selling traditional dishes like Taiwanese mince meat rice, wonton, etc. Some items may include milk so check carefully.

A few more shops with vegan options:

A shop selling veg fried chicken
Grilled corn with vegan satay flavor
A drink shop with soy milk tea (豆漿紅茶)

Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市

Address of Liuhe Night Market

Near the centrally located Formosa Boulevard Station, Liuhe Night Market is a famous spot for people visiting Kaohsiung. At night, the road is blocked for pedestrians, but motorbikes can still enter.

Other than food stalls, you can also find clothing, souvenirs and other non-food items here.

This stall sells deep fried salt and pepper oyster mushrooms. You can choose between two sizes. This one is a small size and it’s filled to the brim. Like many other street food, it is flavorful, but salty and oily. (Address)

These two shops sell traditional Taiwanese cuisine including rice, noodles and soups. (Address 1, Address 2)

Other than those, there are also juice stands that you can grab a drink, but be careful as some use milk. Look out for drinks with the words 牛奶, which means cow’s milk​.

Ruifeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

Address of Ruifeng Night Market

Ruifeng Night Market is on the North side of Kaohsiung near Kaohsiung Arena Station.

Unlike the other two night markets in this list, Ruifeng Night Market is not on the street with shops on both sides. It is in a dedicated area with many shops inside. The shops open at around 5pm.

It gets very busy with lots of locals and tourists. However, because the aisles are narrow and can only fit 2-3 people, walking through the market could be a bit slow.

Other than food, you can find all sorts of other things including clothing, game stalls, etc. You can spend all night here if you don’t mind the crowd.

The vegan options here are not too impressive. I’ve found some stalls selling oyster mushrooms which you can choose what flavor powder to add.

For other delicious vegan food in Kaohsiung, click below to read the guide:

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