Vegan Friendly Supermarket and Grocery Shops in Fukuoka

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Finding vegan groceries in Fukuoka is not easy. The main difficulty is reading the Japanese ingredient label. Also, Japanese often using fish and meat seasonings in seemingly vegan food like potato chips. 

To learn more about how to read Japanese labels for vegans, download this free guide so you can find vegan food and drinks in supermarkets and convenience stores. 

Luckily, Fukuoka has a few shops that are more vegan friendly. Be careful as these shops still sell meat and dairy and other non-vegan items. So check carefully before you buy.

Here is the list of shops:

Natumula ナチュ村

Natumula is a vegan-friendly grocery shop located on the 6th floor of IMS shopping center near Tenjin Station. 

The selection of vegan items are surprisingly good. I’ve found cakes, ice cream, candies, bread, soy meat, etc here.

Definitely give it a visit if you are in the area. Tenjin is also home to a few different vegan places recommended in this vegan fukuoka guide.

Their main shop is near Chihaya station, which is North-East of the Fukuoka downtown area.

Address and Hours

福岡県福岡市中央区天神1-7-11 天神イムズ6F

10am – 8pm




This one is a must go after visiting Fukuoka Tower. 逸品百彩 is located in Paveria パヴェリア shopping center which is only a few minutes from the Tower.

It carries vegan bento boxes from Evah Dining at the time of visit. Also, because they carry a vegan friendly brand Ohsawa, you can find their products like cream pasta sauce, vege curry, etc.

In the same shopping center is Tully’s coffee which has soy milk. And a bus terminus that has buses that go to Tenjin or Hakata.

The bento on the top left is from Evah Dining

Address and Hours

2 Chome-3-2 Momochihama, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka, 814-0001, Japan

10:30am – 7pm

Biople by Cosme Kitchen

In the Tenjin underground shopping street linked to the metro stations, Biople is a shop that focuses on natural products. Therefore it carries some vegan products.

You can expect to find vegan milk, snacks, boxed curry and personal care items (cosmetics and skin care).

Address and Hours

Japan, 〒810-0001 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, 11, 天神2丁目地下2号東4番街221

10am – 8pm

Sunny Supermarket

Sunny is a supermarket chain in Fukuoka. It seems that it’s open 24/7 so it’s a good place to buy some groceries late at night if you need to.

It carries the usual vegan stuff you can find in a Japanese supermarket like soy milk, mochi, fruits and veggies, etc.

Pleasantly surprised to find this Almond Breeze latte in Sunny Supermarket

👆 These two snacks are included in this Japanese Vegan Snack Guide.

Bon Repas

This higher end supermarket chain carries some vegan products. It also has some foreign brands that may be vegan.

Convenience Stores

There are 3 major convenience stores in Fukuoka: Lawson, Family Mart and 7-11. They each carry some vegan items like juice, soy milk, snacks, etc. For more details of what vegans food you can find in Japanese convenience stores, check out Is It Vegan Japan.

Here are some of the food I found in Lawson:

Want to go a supermarket or a convenience store but don’t know how to read the ingredients? Don’t worry, download the free Japanese label reading guide here:

Hopefully this guide will help you in getting vegan products in supermarkets and grocery shops. Other than these products, Japanese supermarket and shops also sell very good quality veggies and fruits (though they are wrapped in excessive amount of plastic).

Here is a map of all the places mentioned in this post. Click the star next to the title to save the map to your Google account.

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